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Join 2,80,000+ happy MSME business owners

It was enriching and an eye-opening experience.

Ranganath, Chennai

Well-defined framework to start working with the team.

Vertika, Bangalore

I wish I had learned these 3 pillars 20 years ago. 

Amit, Mumbai

Here is what you’ll get:

  • Secrets to Create Time & Wealth in Business
  • Proven Strategies for Increased Revenue 
  • Business Evaluation by Coach Arushi Sharma
  • 14 Bonuses Worth ₹6986 for Free

Workshop Dates

13th July, 2024 (10am - 12pm)
14th July, 2024 (10am - 12pm)

Why register for Business Mastery Workshop?

7 Foundational Activities

7 activities that all successful entrepreneurs use, which you can COPY to scale your business.

3 Core Pillars

3 important pillars you need to focus on to build a business that scales without you.

LIVE Whatsapp Course

The entire course will be conducted on WhatsApp and course will be held LIVE via Zoom.

Business Evaluation

I will evaluate your current business situation, and guide you with the steps you need to take to scale it up.

FREE Bonuses You'll Get Today

  • 6 Tips to Build a High-Performance Team
  • 5 Ts for Consistent Growth
  • 4 Ts of Investing in Your Business
  • 5 Strategies to Expand Business
  • And 10 More Power Packed Guides! 

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Listen to what business owners say about me

Working with my business coach Arushi has been very transformative. She possesses profound coaching skills and domain knowledge. Her strategic insights and coaching have not only improved our business and decision-making but also enhanced the overall efficiency, and productivity of my business.

Aniket Hundekar,
Meraki Architecture

My journey with Arushi has been filled with many wins . I am truly grateful for as she was a mirror that made me realize my weaknesses and strengths. I have seen significant revenue and team and have been scaling up . Her strategy, patience and problem solving is superlative and it’s an asset to have her guide you.

Dr Tina Ramachander,
Dr Tina Skin Solutionz 

Arushi helped my business grow by 500% within 18 months and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Her ability to understand the unique challenges and tailor her guidance accordingly has helped me gain clarity, confidence, and tangible results. I can't recommend her enough to every business owner who is looking to level up their game.

Stanley Jose,
Stanley Estates

People Rated My Programs with 4.96 Stars

Who should attend this workshop?

What you’ll learn in the 2-Day WhatsApp Course?

Day 1

Day 1

What it Takes to Build a Scalable Business

Here you will learn about the 2 types of businesses which are Survival and Growth Businesses, and what it takes to build a Growth business. You will also learn about the 7 foundational activities every business needs to perform consistently in order to scale. There will be an assignment given which you need finish by the evening.

Day 2

Day 2

3 Secrets to Build a Growth Business

The 2nd day, I will be evaluating your assignment, and sharing the next steps based on your answers. These would be the steps that you would need to take if you want to scale up your business.

You will also learn about 3 Core Pillars which will help you build your second line of leaders and thus build a business that grows without you.

Meet Your Coach

Arushi Sharma

Senior Business Coach at Quantum Leap

In 11 years of Arushi being a trainer and a coach, she has conducted a bunch of Performance Breakthrough Workshops for the leadership teams of Flipkart, Upgrad, Tally Solutions, Trident Group and various other organizations. Arushi has also worked directly with 63 businesses and has helped them generate 570+ Crores of additional revenue. As a mentor, she has developed 5 business coaches influencing 164 businesses indirectly.​

Client Portfolio

Hear it from

Rajiv Talreja

Co-Founder at Quantum Leap

"I am always impressed by the incredible work Arushi does on a consistent basis as part of our QL One coaching team. Her 8+ years of experience in the training and coaching industry has brought transformational success stories for almost all her clients.

In the last 3 years, she has worked with 63 businesses and has helped them generate 570+ Crores which speaks volumes about her skills and experience. Her commitment to delivering tailored solutions for every business stands as a testament to the result driven coaching we stand for at Quantum Leap."

Here’s what you get

If you register for the Business Mastery Workshop TODAY

LIVE weekend course to help you build a business that grows without you

🎁 Free! 4 proven ways every business can sell well


🎁 Free! 4 different ways to innovate your business


🎁 Free! 4 proven ways every business can sell well


🎁 Free! 4 Ts of investing


🎁 Free! 5 proven hacks to manage your time


🎁 Free! 5 strategies to expand business


🎁 Free! 5 things to get right before you start marketing


🎁 Free! 5 Ts for consistent growth


🎁 Free! 6 Tips to build a high performance team


🎁 Free! 6 ultimate Ds every business owner needs to learn


🎁 Free! 7 wrong sales mindsets that you must avoid


🎁 Free! 8 Cs you need to build a team from scratch


🎁 Free! 5 tips on how 'not' to give feedback


🎁 Free! How to place the right price for the product


🎁 Free! How to stay motivated in your business


Total Value: Rs ₹6986 /-

Regular Price ₹ 999/-

Today’s PRICE: Rs ₹99/-

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I attend the workshop?

You will be added to a WhatsApp group right after signing up. In the group I will share the link to the LIVE workshop.

When will the workshop be held?


How will I receive the 14 bonuses?

The 14 bonuses will be sent to you via email AFTER completion of the workshop.

Will I get the recording of the workshop?

This is a LIVE workshop so you will not be getting any recordings.

Will this work for my industry and products as they are unique?

More than 2,80,000 business owners from more than 190 industries have attended this workshop and 99.3% of them have said this is applicable for their business. 

So, yes. It is applicable no matter which industry you are in.

Who is this workshop ideal for?

DON’T join if you wish to start a business.This is ideal ONLY for business owners who have a running business, are willing to take action, and want to build a business that grows without them.

If I register, what else would I need to make the most out of this workshop?

Just carry an open mind and a notebook to make lots of notes on both days.

Will I get a refund if I am not satisfied by it?

We have one philosophy, if we don’t add value to you, we don’t need your money. If you don’t find it valuable then we will issue a 100% refund.



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